Our Philosophy

At GGBwealthcare, we understand that the ultra-high-net-worth family expects many things of their trusted advisors, and more precisely, that generic and in-house investment solutions offered by vertically-integrated corporates is not the appropriate proposition in this market segment.

We see our real value in creating an un-conflicted and trusted ‘private investment office’ environment for each client family thereby leveraging opportunities, managing key risks, addressing family-specific issues and delivering relevant risk-adjusted investment outcomes.

Accordingly, whilst GGBwealthcare cannot be all things to all people, the business is designed to avoid the pitfalls and conflicts of interest inherent in the broader financial services industry and many competitor offerings. For example,

  • we do not charge a performance fee,
  • we charge no fees on cash, and
  • no fee rebates whatsoever are accepted by GGBwealthcare from third parties.

In order to deliver a differentiated service, we have a clear understanding of what GGBwealthcare cannot be, which includes never being considered a:

  • product distribution channel for any related parties
  • retail financial advisory firm serving a large client base
  • private bank focussed on offering attractively priced debt and internal product and funds
  • institutional asset allocator working to a pre-determined model