Engagement Model

GGBwealthcare’s approach to meeting client needs is expressed in an ‘engagement model’ which is sufficiently flexible to suit the circumstances facing each client, without sacrificing any of the fundamental functions and disciplines.

  • Engagement variability according to complexity, required range of services and quantum of asset pool
  • Fees are generally levied as a percentage on ‘assets under influence’ and subject to an agreed minimum annual retainer, payable quarterly in arrears
  • No performance fees are charged
  • No fees are charged on undeployed cash
  • If applicable, any introducer / underwriting fees are fully rebated

A different fee structure is applied for additional services and ad hoc requests – more detail is available on request. Generally, this is charged on either an hourly rate basis or an agreed fee per project.

We do engage on a transactional basis with several families, generally in circumstances where they have an internal infrastructure which replicates much of our proposition. These clients are included in investment opportunities together with our advisory families to the extent that there is available capacity. In such circumstances, our fees are levied upfront and based on the quantum of capital committed.