Credo Invests in Australian Multi-Family Office

In November 2009, Credo Group Holdings Ltd acquired a minority stake in GGBwealthcare Pty Ltd. GGBwealthcare is an Australian based authorised financial services provider and investment manager, which delivers an unique, tailored, multi-family office to high net worth families and select clients.

In essence, GGBwealthcare will look after your and your family’s financial needs across the full spectrum from advice, to asset and asset manager selection, implementation and performance monitoring. In addition, GGBwealthcare will introduce, co-ordinate and manage your professional adviser relationships (lawyers, accountants, tax advisers, financial planners and the like) and assist you with family succession issues, estate planning and inter-generational planning, as well as business investment or corporate finance-type activities. GGBwealthcare has access to product issuers who are often inaccessible to individual investors.

GGBwealthcare also provides, via selected providers, a range of concierge services, which will completely remove the frustration associated with activities such as bill-paying, fees to educational institutions, travel and holiday planning and many others.

GGBwealthcare is owned by Alan Greenstein, Steven Gross, and Keith Betty, all ex-South Africans living in Sydney, Australia who have deep knowledge of and experience not only in financial markets, but specifically in providing wealth management and related services to high net worth individuals and families.

Credo will provide infrastructure and administration support to GGBwealthcare. Credo is enthusiastic about its involvement in this venture not only because of the calibre of the owners, but because we believe that by leveraging off our extensive networks and relationships, experience and infrastructure we will assist GGBwealthcare to deliver a bespoke service to ultra high net worth families and individuals, including our clients.

Alan Noik
MD Credo Capital

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