Core Services

    The following are components of GGBwealthcare’s core “Private Investment Office” proposition:

  • To source, identify and use our in-house expertise to research and motivate direct investment opportunities across asset classes and jurisdictions for our clients – our excellent performance track record to date bears testimony to this core competency.
  • By leveraging our strong global network and long-term industry relationships through constant interaction with other family offices, high calibre managers and select global investment banks and brokers, we are provided with ongoing line of sight into potentially suitable investment strategies and opportunities.
  • Stewardship of global wealth management requirements, such as
    • Asset allocation inputs and insights
    • Securities specific research, due diligence, implementation and monitoring
    • Investment manager due diligence, selection and monitoring
  • Data aggregation and consolidated reporting across asset classes, currencies and jurisdictions
  • Access to direct and co-investment opportunities which are often inaccessible to individual investors
  • Co-ordination of, and collaboration with, external professional advisors (lawyers, accountants and bankers)